Michelle Hunter-Gray is a 44 year old mother of three who lives in a small market town in Staffordshire with her teenage children and two cats.

From a young age she had an interest in both arts and crafts, but although she dabbled in many mediums, was unable to find a way of expressing herself.. A holdiay in Cornwall, five years ago, and the discovery of a small shop in St. Ives changed all that and began her love affair with these tiny pieces of coloured glass.

From the first loom woven name bracelet to her latest sculptural piece 'The Open Hand', Michelle has worked hard to develop both her technical skills and a distinctive style of her own.

" I am fascinated by the 'the spaces between' - art v craft, jewellery v clothing, sculpture v textile - beads are a wonderfully, ever surprising medium with which to work, enabling an artist to break free of catagories and investigate those fascinating gaps in definition.."

(Michelle Hunter-Gray)

GJ Beads

Source of my first adventure with beads - thank you, Jill.


The BeadMouse as Teacher

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First Beadwork 1998

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