June 28, 2002
Issue 5

Cool Web Links.....

It is so difficult to chose a few links to high light each month. There are so many wonderful beading sites out there now, with new ones being added all the time. This month, I thought I would concentrate on the fabulous magazinez/ezines available. All of which are terrific sources of information and inspiration.

Bead Bugle

What can I say about this ezine? Except make sure you have plenty of time when you visit! A huge site, filled with tips, patterns and links.

Bead & Button

A 'paper' magazine that now has an excellent web site to back it up. Projects, polls, forums, links as well as information on past and current issues. And best of all, the magazine is now available in the UK through newsagents!


A top quality magazine from the people at interweave, I wish this too was available in the UK. However you can subscribe by post. The site has information on current and back issues as well as a few well chosen projects. There is also a list of the faboulous beading books published under the Interweave banner.

Beadwork at About.com

Paula Morgan is the host of this 'must bookmark' website. Information, projects, links, articles and of course the archive of projects from the previous host, Emily Hackbarth.