An index of past issues of The BeadMouse News. Please note that although stitch instructions will continue to be available here, past free patterns and projects are only listed. These will be made available for sale in the near future as either graphs and/or kits from Beadmouse Designs.

April/May 2002 -


The Open Hand

Classroom - 3 bead Netting

Guest Gallery - Chayna

Addicted to Colour

Free Patterns - Netted Bracelets - OXO and 3 of Hearts

Cool Websites

June/July 2002


Beading Together - Backroom Beaders and UFO Days at Colbury, by Chayna

Summer is Coming....Competition Launch

New Work - 'In My Garden' and 'Fidelity'

Classroom - Tutorials around the web

Cool Websites - UK Bead Suppliers

Free Pattern - Gloria

Beads of Friendship - email lists for beading buddies